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Ocean Volleyball Academy/Grass Roots

Ocean Volleyball Academy/Grass Roots

Ocean Volleyball Academy is open to players of all ages and skills. Whether you are new to volleyball or you want a lesser commitment than being on a club team, we have a program that will work for you. This is a 10-week program consisting of a one-hour practice once a week. Practices will be from 4-5pm at Saint Barbara Greek Church, 2200 Church Road, in Toms River. Ocvbc registration opens November 15th. The fee for this 10 week program is $155.00 for all ages and will cover the cost of the program and an OCVBC shirt.This registration is available on the Ocvbc registration tab. If your player is only doing this program than they will only need the developmental membership with USA Volleyball (additional $25). USA membership for eight and under is free but still needs to register with USA at above link.  That separate membership is good till August 31, 2019 and good for all non club programs. It is available at (bottom of page). You will need a copy of your paid receipt from USA or membership card and a paid OCVBC membership for the Ocean Volleyball Academy at sign in the first day (two separate memberships). Ocvbc registration opens November 15th.

Please read the descriptions of each program to see where your child will fit best. Please contact with any questions.

Ocvbc reserves the right to combine sessions, using separate courts, if necessary. Your day could change, before the session starts based on class size. 

Ages 12 and under:

Grassroots 1, Starts Monday, December 3rd, 4-5pm- This program is perfect for anyone new to volleyball. This program focuses on the four fundamental skills of volleyball: Passing, Setting, Hitting and Serving. Players will be introduced to a basic 6-person rotation. Game-play will consist of smaller courts with fewer players per court.

Grassroots 2, Starts Tuesday, December 4th, 4-5pm- This program is designed for anyone under the age of 12 who has participated in our Grassroots program before or has playing experience. Players will build off the basics that they have learned in Grassroots an incorporate it into more gamelike play. Participants will learn different types of serves, and a more in-depth understanding of hitting technique.

Ages 13-15, Starts Wednesday, December 5th,4-5pm : This program will emphasize the skills that players in middle/high school will need. Players will build off of the basics of passing, setting, hitting and serving. If you are new to volleyball and fall into this age group don’t worry! Each program will go over the fundamentals of each skill and players will participate in drills that will get them repetitions of each skill. Players will also begin to learn different volleyball systems and rotations. Players will experience 6 v. 6 play and game-like situations.

Ages 16 and up, Starts Thursday, December 6th, 4-5pm : This program is perfect for anyone 15+ with or without playing experience. Players will build off the basics and get a more in-depth view of each skill. Players will be taught different types of serves, such as overhand, topspin, float and jump float serving. Players will also have a full understanding of hitting mechanics, including the approach and different hitting techniques. Offensive systems will be taught, and players will finish the program with an understanding of a 6-2 rotation. This program will focus on 6 v. 6 playing.